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The following services are offered to families, professionals and community members at no cost.

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For Families and Individuals with Autism

Family Field Trips – Day trips to places such as The Providence Children's Museum, Wellspring Farms, Edaville Railroad, Mystic Aquarium, Twilight Tour Zoo programs, WavePool, Ice Skating, etc.

Annual Hayride and Hot Dog Roast – Held in October at Oakdale Farms in Rehoboth.

Family Movie Days – Held throughout the year, at various movie theaters throughout the SouthEast Region of MA. Reserved for families with children with autism only, the theater gives us control over the volume of the movie, and the lighting, providing a more sensory appropriate movie. Visuals are provided, and while we encourage use of the snack bar to support the theatre, special diet snacks are allowed.

Circle of Friends(COF) – Typically offered during the school day although not exclusively, COF is a small structured forum for children with Asperger's Syndrome or Autism to interact with typically developing peers in mutually satisfying ways with the support of an adult facilitator.

Grandparents Brunch – a special brunch for grandparents only held in the Spring and Fall.

Sensory and Social Programs - For all age ranges. Held throughout the year, and throughout the region. Past Programs have included Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga, Music & Movement programs, Mommy & Me Groups, Young Athlete's program, etc. Check out the events page to see what's available in your area.