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2013 WALK News

Many thanks to all who attended this year's WALK!  

Visit the WALK page for more sponsor information and to take a short survey! 


Now Offering- The Mini iPAD clinic

These mini-clinics will meet on the last Wednesday of each month at Community Autism Resources and will showcase apps that address a different topic each month. For example: Math, Literacy, Social Skills or Pre-School skills. We recommend that you have a basic knowledge of how to use the iPad as this information will not be addressed during these app specific mini-clinics.


Please contact Kate if you will need some basic knowledge prior to the iPad Mini Clinic, so that our time during the course may be spent on the content of the apps only.  We have a limited number of iPads available for use during the courses so that you may explore the apps featured. 

Contact Kate Dansereau | ext. 15