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Free Services (for families/professionals in the CAR region)

Basic Trainings

  • iPad Basics - 2 hour course

Introduction to using the iPad with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. This training includes basic use of the iPad from turning it on and off to specific accessibility settings that will allow a person with ASD to use the iPad to the best of their ability.  This training concludes with a demonstration of apps that are useful for students and adults with all levels of Autism Spectrum Disorders.


  • Introduction to Assistive Technology - 2 hour course

This is an introductory course which outlines the types of Assistive Technology (AT) that can be helpful for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  Technology is available in both low-tech and high-tech forms and can support individuals in many areas including communication, organization, independence, and socialization.  This training will highlight the components of AT as well as showcase a variety of AT systems that have been successful supports for individuals with ASD.

App/Software Demo Clinic

Monthly CHAT: Checking in with AT

  • Topic Specific – One offered at each Family Support Center
  • Bring your lunch
  • The CHAT is free but you must pre-register to attend




  • Observation
  • Trial Period
  • Recommendations
  • Report
  • Follow-Up

DEVICE SPECIFIC TRAINING (for the user) ($75.00 per hour)

SUPPORT TRAINING (for supporting the user)($75.00 per hour)

CONSULTATION SERVICE ($75.00 per hour)


  • 2 hour program - $225.00
  • 4 hour program - $450.00

Device, program or app-specific trainings can be designed and tailored specifically to the needs of the participants and the people they are supporting. Examples of these training could be for: Proloquo2Go, Read and Write Gold, GoTalk, etc.