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Information Packets

The following is a list of information packets that we currently have available. Please contact us to request specific packets.

Packets related to Young Children
• Could my child have an Autism Spectrum Disorder? General Information and Signs of Developmental Differences and Delay
• Toddlers and Preschool age Children with ASD: Introductory Information
• Interventions for Young Children: Treatment Descriptions and Issues to Consider
• Information on the Importance of a Full Day/Full Year Program
• Issues to Consider in Toilet Training
• Sleep Difficulties in Children with ASD
• Aspergers/HFA in Preschool and Early Elementary Age Children

Basic Autism Information
• Basic Information on Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Information on Aspergers/High Functioning Autism
• Information for Grandparents
• Brothers and Sisters of the child with ASD: Issues and Information for Parents
• Information about Sensory Dysfunction and Sensory Ingetration
• Information about Communication
• Information about Augmentative Communication
• And Educative Approach to Understanding Challenging Behavior
• Anxiety and Its impact on People with ASD
• Safety and Emergency Preparedness for people with ASD

Information related to Educators
• Information for Educators
• Information about Visual Supports
• Information on Assistive Technology
• Social Stories
• Children with ASD and their rights to Special Education Services
• Circle of Friends

Medical Information
• Information for Physicians
• Medications and Autism: Issues to Consider

Adult Information
• Information on Transition from School to Adult Services
• Information for families and for those who support Adults with Autism
• Teens and Adults with Aspergers/HFA: Information on preparing for College or Employment