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The Community Autism Resources Podcast, updated several times per year, discusses issues relating to autism spectrum disorders, programs, resources, events and more.  A Podcast is an internet based audio programming and can be accessed via the links below. Most PCs can play the podcast directly from the link, you can also download the podcast to your hard drive to save for a later time.

This podcast is also available on ITUNES. If you have ITUNES you can go to the bookstore and search for "Autism / A Presence on Your Journey" under podcasts. You can access the podcasts there and subscribe if you wish or you can go to ITUNES, click on "Advanced", then click on "Subscribe", then type in" /Podcast/Podcast1.xml.  This will subscribe you to the Podcasts via ITUNES and will get any new Podcasts automatically.

03/17/2018..... The Gottschall Access Program (GAP) Students discuss the program......

A conversation on Apps with Kate Dansereau of Community Autism Resources Inc

An Introduction to Community Autism Resources Inc

A discussion with the director of family support for South Eastern Massachusetts

A discussion of the book S.C.A.R.E.D. Steps required to descalate a meltdown wih the author Deborah Lipsky

A discussion of the Community Autism Resources Walk-a-Thon and fun day.

A discussion with Dr. Brenda Fosset.

A discussion with Paula Kluth and her book "Joyful Learning".

A discussion with Barry Prizant.

/ A discussion with Kim Ferrara of Wiggle Kids.

An interview with Ashley Bendiksen,(Producer), Gregory Silver, (Director) and some of the cast of One Theater Group's production of"Alice in Wonderland". ....Click here to go to One Theater Group's "Alice in Wonderland" web site and to purchase tickets.

An interview with Crystal Medeiros discussing our upcomming 2015 Hearts and Hands walk for Autism.

A discussion about the National Little League.

Description and discussion about our 2016 Hearts and Hands walk for Autism.

Steven Manchester discusses his book "Perfect Chase". A book illustrated by and about a young boy with autism and his family's Journey with him.

Mary Fox and Cassie Ricco discuss support to adults with ASD and the new northern office.