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"Triple the Fun" Movement Class



Come join us for 6 weeks of movement and fun!!


Weeks 1-2  =  Jumpin’ Beanz

Have fun bouncing around on good old fashion hippity hop balls, as well as playing stability ball games!  Great for working on balance and core strength.

Weeks 3-4  =  Radical Reboundin

This class will utilize a rebounder for each child to strengthen their muscles, as well as work on balance and cardiovascular health.

Weeks 5-6  =  Scooter Frenzy

Students will start with a warm up session, followed by individual challenges/exercises, group games/races and a cool down….all on their own scooter.


**This event is being generously sponsored by Bearingstar Insurance and the Raymondo Family Charity Event**


This event has begun and registration is CLOSED!